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Stevie G.

Stevie G.

posted 20/07/2014
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Documentary | UK 2014 | Dir. Umut Gunduz |

SYNOPSIS Steve Gavin Clint J Goldhill (aka Stevie ‘G’ or Stevie ‘Fucking G’ as he friends would call him) grew up in a south London suburb. Stevie is the third born of a family that expands across three homes. By the age of 14 he was put into care, his parents unable to deal with his fiery, rebellious nature and constant truanting at school. By 15 Stevie was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment at London’s notorious Feltham Detention Centre for young offenders. A bad start to young man’s future. Since then Stevie has been convicted for numerous offences, spent a total of 5 years in prison and had a life of crime, sex and violence.

Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Raoul Brand