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Playing The Goat

Playing The Goat

posted 23/09/2014
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Video Installation |UK 2014 | artist: William Hunt |

A major new commission by Peer Gallery, supported by the Arts Council England

“He’s played the guitar while upside down with his head in a bucket and submerged himself in an industrial bin full of water. Here, he presents his latest and most daring performative work ‘Still yourself and calm your boots’, 2014, commissioned by PEER. The London-based artist is known for performing musical renditions about love in restrictive and ridiculous situations that are either live events, edited film documentation or sculptural residue. His latest dramatic feat sees Hunt driving a car into a wall with paint exploding inside the vehicle on impact to then sing about the ineffability of l’amour.”

Sound Design: Raoul Brand

Location Sound: Thomas Markwick

Composer Matt Kelly